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Parents! We need your help!

Without your help, we could not give our athletes a race day. Getting involved is easy, fun, and you meet lots of people who also love skiing!  Please use the button below to access the 2023-24 Volunteer Sign-up.


Because volunteering is such an important part of team participation, are asking that each family volunteer for at least 2-3 race days (6 ESL races and several fun day races). We need 25+ volunteers each race day! 

Questions about volunteering?  Please Tiffany Turo at


The positions listed below are needed for each of the six ESL races. Training for most of the positions will be led by the volunteer in charge of that part of the race, with the exception of Gatekeeping. A training video link is provided below.  



On race day, officials and other volunteer workers get checked in before the race and issued necessary items to do their job (lift passes, radios, lunch bags, vests, buckets, whatever). Check-in help is often needed. When the race is over, one or more persons need to be ready in the finish arena area to collect gear from all the workers as they come in.



Maintenance workers help with the setup of start/finish areas, setting fences, and other equipment, as directed by course officials. During the race, they assist with course grooming and gate replacement. After the race, they help as needed with course teardown, assisting officials and the responsible school teams. Maintenance workers should be confident skiers and ready for a hard day's work if snow and weather conditions are bad. They should be able to work most, if not all of the races, in order to develop skill on the job, and should be able to get to the race by 2hrs prior to race start and attend the pre-race officials meeting.



Gatekeepers, also known as gate judges, are responsible for monitoring the correct passage of each racer through a set of gates on the course, assigned to them by the chief gatekeeper. They also perform rudimentary maintenance along their section, such as replacing poles knocked askew by racers. They may need to be available at a post-race jury meeting if involved in a racer disqualification. All gatekeepers are expected to attend a pre-race training session, usually scheduled for 1 hour before the race start. One or more roving gatekeepers will be named by the chief gatekeeper on race day. The rovers circulate through the course and substitute for any gatekeepers needing relief during the race. A rover should have prior gatekeeping experience and will be able to answer questions that other gatekeepers might have.  Training videos:

USSS Gate Judge Training Video

Basic GS Rules

Basic SL Rules


Crossing guards monitor the entrances of any trails that cross the race course to ensure that the course is always clear for oncoming racers. Utmost attention to the race is required to make sure the general public is allowed to cross the course only when safe to do so.  


Responsible for capturing a stopwatch time stamp for each racer, providing manual backup to the electronic timing system. Two hand timers each are stationed at the start and finish lines. Must be able to stand in one spot all day long without losing focus, and be able to write down numbers in cold weather. Hand-timers should attend a pre-race timing meeting. Afterward, report to the start or finish referee at the start/finish areas one-half hour prior to race time.



Collects bibs from racers as they finish their last run of the day. The bib collector should report to the finish referee at the finish area 15 minutes prior to the start of the last run. 



After each race, the bibs that have been collected need to be washed. Bib numbers are reviewed and any missing numbers need to be reported to the Race Order Coordinator. Prior to the next race, the numbered bibs need to be pre-sorted by the team, based on the weekly race order. They need to be brought to the mountain early on race morning to be distributed to the coaches. Except for getting the bibs to and from the race venue, this job is an off-mountain one.



A person is needed to coordinate the ribbons and/or medals given after each race. And the design and purchase of trophies given out at the post-league awards event.


The following Race Official positions are covered by members of the board and other volunteers with the required specialized Official training. If you have certification, experience, or a desire to shadow and learn any of the following positions, please let us know!

  • Chief of Race                                      

  • Course layout Crew                         

  • Technical Delegate 

  • Referee 

  • Chief of Course

  • Chief Gatekeeper

  • Chief of Timing

  • Start Referee

  • Finish Referee

  • Starter


Sign up on our google spreadsheet for the Race Days that work in your schedule. 

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